Magnetoresistive Sensors Set Sensitivity Benchmark

Magnetoresistive Sensors Set Sensitivity Benchmark

Honeywell’s latest line of magnetoresistive components feature highly sensitive sensor ICs that promise more flexibility for creating a range of industrial, medical and white goods devices. The Standard Power Series includes four sensor ICs offering a sensitivity of 11 Gauss max. This allows for design with larger air gaps between the sensor IC and the magnet. In addition to high sensitivity, the Standard Power Series Sensor ICs also feature a solid-state, non-contact, no-glass design. Their supply voltage range (3 Vdc-24 Vdc), omni-polar operation, various package options and wide operating temperature range ( -40ºF to +185ºF) degrees promise to simplify the design-in processes for wired applications. A datasheet is available at

Honeywell Sensing And Control
Golden Valley, MN

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