Magnetic Sensor Makes Things Happen

Todd Harmon, vice president for Canfield Industries, describes his company’s Series CS cylindrical threaded mount sensor  as being “valuable in any application where you can take advantage of the presence of a magnet to trigger a switch and make something happen. It enhances reliability and safety in a wide range of situations.”  Sensing magnetism and triggering action in a variety of applications, the rugged and compact CS Sensor is set within a miniature-encapsulated stainless steel M8 threaded housing and performs effectively where greater sensing distance is required.


Made in the USA, the sensor’s first field application equips a cement truck, where it picks up a signal from a magnet mounted to the mixing drum and controls how much the drum rotates. In an industrial automation setting, the sensor can detect the closure of a door and allow a machine to run, enhancing safety. The CS Sensor can also react to magnetism that identifies changes in liquid levels or positions of parts in a wide range of vehicles, machines and systems including plastic molding machines, sprinkler controllers, security gates, meters, barcode scanners, solar panel tracking systems, smoke detectors, keyless entry devices, time clocks, telephone systems, furnaces and more.


Available in reed or electronic sensing formats, other features include resistance to vibration and shock, wash-down compatibility, a stainless steel M8 male-threaded body, a temperature range from -20°C to +80°C, and compliance with National Electrical Manufacturing Association (NEMA) 6 standards


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