Magnetic Sensor Exploits Redundant 3D HALL Technology

TDK expands its Micronas Dual-Die Hall-effect sensor portfolio with the HAR 379x sensors for multidimensional magnetic field measurements in safety-critical automotive applications according to ISO 26262 rules and in industrial applications. The sensors come with a digital output and a pulse-width modulation (PWM) output. The SENT protocol according to the latest generation of SAEJ2716 (rev. 4) is also supported.


The HAR 379x is a Dual-Die SMD package version of the HAC 37xy family using the proprietary Micronas 3D HAL® technology for detecting angles in a range between 0° and 360° (end-of-shaft and through-shaft setup) as well as linear movement or position.

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The HAR 379x sensors' versatile programming characteristics and high accuracy make them viable for gear selector applications due to their ability to provide the magnetic field amplitude in combination with the angle information. Both parameters are made available via the fast channel of the SENT interface. Additionally, the magnetic field amplitude information enables the required push-functionality. The device fits perfectly into applications where linear movements must be measured, e.g. in dual-clutch transmission applications, for clutch pedal position detection, as engine stroke sensor, for transmission position measurement, or for cylinder and valve position sensing.


Applications include:

  • Detection of angle of rotation automotive applications, such as rotary shifters (with push-function), as well as rear-axis steering systems
  • Detection of linear position in applications like clutch or brake pedal, transmission system, cylinder and valve position sensing


Features include:

  • Angular error of ±1.2° @ 30 mT amplitude
  • End of shaft and off-axis 360° angular measurement
  • Direct measurement of magnetic field amplitude (BX, BY, BZ)
  • Transmission of angle and amplitude information via fast channel of SENT
  • Digital output formats (PWM and SENT SAE J2716 rev. 2016)
  • Addresses safety-critical applications according to ISO 26262 rules
  • Full redundancy due to Dual-Die approach
  • Ambient temperature ranges from -40°C to +150°C
  • Type HAR 3795, HAR 3796, HAR 3797
  • Package SOIC8
  • Digital output formats PWM (200 Hz to2 kHz), SENT SAE J2716 rev. 2016
  • Angular error ±1.2° @ 30 mT
  • Magnetic field measurement range 20 mT … 100 mT. Down to 5 mT with reduced accuracy.
  • Safety Full redundant solution. SPFM ≥ 90%, LFM ≥ 60%


For more info, visit TDK-Micronas.

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