Magnetic Multi-Turn Encoder-Technology Measures True-Absolute

Magnetic Multi-Turn Encoder-Technology Measures True-Absolute
ASM Sensors Inc.

ASM Sensors introduces a magnetic multi-turn encoder technology called POSIHALL that measures true-absolute and is said to be a robust alternative to optical encoders. The POSIHAL true-absolute magnetic multi turn encoder technology measures absolute angular position of a shaft over multiple revolutions via a gear coupled multi-hall sensor system that uses a magnetic nonius (vernier) principle. In contrast to current magnetic encoder technologies, it is a true-absolute technology ensuring reliable and correct positioning even after disturbances such as a power failure. POSIHALL sensors mount directly onto a machine’s rotation axis. They are available in protection class up to IP69, completely enclosed and protected by a rugged housing, and the sensor body has an integral shielding. It works in environments with magnetic field strengths up to 0.5 Tesla. For safety applications POSIHALL sensors are also available with redundant outputs. POSIHALL® angle sensors operate reliably and precisely with high levels of shock and vibration and in a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

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