MagnaChip Receives Korea Patent Technology Grand Prize Award

SEOUL, South Korea and CUPERTINO, CA -- MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation has received the Korea Patent Technology "King Sejong" grand prize award for the first half of 2015 granted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

The award was in recognition of MagnaChip's "Stepped-Gate Oxide Extended Drain MOSFET Semiconductor Device and Manufacturing Method." This technology is targeted at applications such as AMOLED and LED TV Display Driver ICs. This technology has advantages over the existing medium voltage MOSFET in that it has low threshold voltage and high saturation current, making it well-suited for small size transistors.

In addition, this technology is suitable for applications requiring die-size shrinks because there is no thermal degradation as it relates to breakdown voltage and leakage current. This enables increased die-yields per wafer thereby reducing the unit cost to the customer.

"We are very pleased to have received this prestigious Korea Patent Technology Award from the Korean Intellectual Property Office. This is a strong endorsement of MagnaChip's technological capabilities," said YJ Kim, CEO of MagnaChip. "Our focus is to expand our R&D efforts to continue to grow our patent technology portfolio to help our customers enhance the competitiveness of their products."

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