Macro Sensors Offers Long-Stroke Linear Position Sensors

PENNSAUKEN, NJ -- Macro Sensors introduces the MLW Series of long stroke linear position sensors for highly accurately absolute position measurement of displacements up to 1.2 m. Available in ranges of 300 mm (11.8 in.) to 1,200 mm (39.4 in.), these contactless linear position transducers are ideal for hydraulic cylinder and actuator feedback applications where the sensor can either be mounted externally or embedded into the cylinder or actuator body.

Utilizing magnetostrictive technology, the MLW sensors operate by transmitting a current pulse through its tube that is reflected by a moveable permanent magnet. The sensor measures the time of flight to determine the position of the magnet on the tube. The time-based position measurement is translated into an output signal.

Powered by 24VDC, the MLW Series of Long Stroke Linear Position Sensors have less than ±0.25% linearity and ±0.01% repeatability over the full scale with outputs that include analog voltage, current and SSI. As these magnetostrictive transducers provide absolute output, no data is lost should power be interrupted.

Where other sensing technologies are limited by their size, the MLW Long Stroke Linear Position Sensors have excellent stroke to length ratio (range/length of unit) especially in longer ranges. Self contained electronics, a stainless steel probe and die cast probe head with an IP66 rating and tube IP67 make transducers ideal for measuring the position of moving machine parts in physically demanding applications such as paper and pulp mills, injection molding machinery, turbine blades and process level management. Construction equipment, automotive test stands, flight simulators and valve position are all commonly instrumented with magnetostrictive sensors.

As the sensor probe is sealed up to 5,000 psi, the MLW sensors can be packaged within hydraulic cylinders as a closed loop feedback device. With an optional float kit for the magnet, the MLW sensors can be used to sense the level of liquid inside of a tank.

About Macro Sensors
Macro Sensors' extensive line of linear and rotary sensors are used for position measurement and feedback in a variety of industrial applications including factory automation, motion control systems, metal fabricating, automotive assembly as well as power plants, gas/steam turbines. Incorporated in 1994, the company offers more than 200 years of cumulative design and manufacturing experience by its key staff in serving its OEM and end-user international customer base. On June 1, 2005, Macro Sensors was acquired by AST, manufacturer of state-of-the-art (Micro Electro Mechanical Structures) MEMS-based pressure sensors, transducers, and transmitters. Common applications of AST sensor products are in industrial OEM, hydraulic systems, fuel cells, medical gases, HVAC/R, refrigeration, oil & gas exploration/production, and off-road vehicles.

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