Macro Sensors High Temperature LVDT Sensor Serves As Operating Prinicipal For Magnetrol Displacer Level Transmitter

Pennsauken, NJ – Macro Sensors has custom designed a LVDT (linear variable differential transformer) with an +800º F (+427ºC) operating range to serve as the operating principal for the Magnetrol® Digital E3 Modulevel® Displacer Level Transmitter that offers an increased upper temperature rating in handling processing temperatures up to +850º F (+454ºC) for non-steam applications and +800º F (+427ºC) for steam applications.

The MAGNETROL Digital E3 MODULEVEL Displacer Level Transmitter is used for effective and reliable liquid level measurement and control for a variety of process industries including the chemical, petroleum refining, power generation, pulp and paper, nuclear power, and crude oil processing. Its higher temperature capability helps protect downstream equipment by providing accurate, reliable liquid and interface level control in extreme process conditions.

The electronic displacer level transmitter technology operates by detecting and converting changes in buoyancy force caused by liquid level change into a stable output signal. These forces act upon the spring-supported displacer causing vertical motion of the core within Macro Sensors linear variable differential transformer.

As the core position changes with liquid level, voltages are induced across the secondary windings of the LVDT sensors. These signals are processed in the electronic circuitry and used to control the current in the 4-20 mA current loop.

In addition to an extended operating temperature range, Macro Sensors AC-operated Linear Position Sensor offers unlimited mechanical and electrical life. With the absence of friction and contact between the coil and core, there is nothing to wear, resulting in infinite mechanical life that is important for high reliability. The frictionless operation of the LVDT combined with the induction function by which it operates, provides for truly infinite resolution, with the only limitation on resolution posed by the readability of the external electronics.

The LVDT sensors also dampens the effects of vibration, agitation and turbulence, while operating at an extended travel range, to provide for greater stability in output signal in turbulent applications. And without the need for internal electronic components, the AC-LVDT is available in a smaller package to fit in the unique vertical in-line design of the transmitter that results in low instrument weight and simplified installation. The many attributes of Macro Sensors LVDT technology give the displacer level transmitter substantial output stability, structural integrity and ease of use when operating in higher process temperatures.

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