MachineTalker Launches GreenTalkers

SANTA BARBARA, CA /MARKET WIRE/ -- MachineTalker Inc., developer of smart wireless security networks and tracking systems, announces that the company has successfully tested and demonstrated three versions of its GreenTalker line of intelligent wireless mesh networked sensors. The combined set of Talkers monitors electrical current, pressure, and flow and maintains a history of individual results in real time. This group is being installed for use in energy audits (EAs) by one of MachineTalker's OEMs, Sense-Comm Technologies LLC.

GreenTalkers are being offered in response to the international power generation and distribution industry's surging demand for energy audit capabilities as a means to better use existing energy sources and to prepare us to more efficiently use new and cleaner sources of power, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the power-generating industries.

The EA market encompasses many different disciplines converging to conserve and distribute power, whether generated by wind, solar, coal, nuclear, or hydro. The first of the EA markets moving toward economic viability is the power usage–monitoring sector. Heavy power consuming industries are being granted credits and rebates if they can demonstrate that they are operating more efficiently than indicated by a simple meter. Credits coming back to the companies are substantial, running to the hundreds of thousands of dollars for large companies.

Recently, EA techniques involved bulky wired-sensor equipment that was nearly cost-prohibitive to install. The efficiencies companies hoped to gain through real-time monitoring of energy usage were severely diminished due to the expense associated with installing the monitoring devices.

However, compared with the old wired means of connecting sensors for the EA process, installing GreenTalkers is a snap. Talkers automatically establish a wireless mesh networking community, relaying information to each other collectively, all coordinated by Java-based display/control software running in a master audit computer system. Each Talker can be directed to establish control parameters, maintain data logs, compare results, and send alerts if events dictate. The GreenTalkers are programmable and sensor independent, meaning that almost any type of sensor selected by the user can be serviced by a Talker. This means more processes can be monitored at a much lower cost.

Roland F. Bryan, MachineTalker's CEO, said, "We are excited by the successful work that our OEM, Sense-Comm, is doing to introduce this most efficient means to conduct the energy audit process. As North American, Asian, and European operations continue to accelerate demand for devices that collect, manage, and disseminate information relating to energy management, we expect to deliver significant market-share increases to our shareholders."

About MachineTalker
MachineTalker Inc. founded in 2002, has developed a breakthrough technology—smart security networks that allow governments, businesses, and individuals to rapidly deploy wireless security and tracking systems to protect people, places, and things. The company's proprietary technology embodies innovative features in the networking of intelligent devices that form communities for shared processing and reporting of data in remote security and control applications. For additional information, contact [email protected] or visit the company's Web site.

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