MachineTalker Debuts WebTalker Product Line

SANTA BARBARA, CA /Marketwire/ -- MachineTalker Inc. introduces its new WebTalker product line. The WebTalker enables information from MachineTalker's broad line of wireless mesh networking Talker products to be displayed on the Web from anywhere there is an Internet connection or a cellular network. The information from remote sensors will be displayed on a secure, password-protected Web site that can be accessed from any computer, at any time of day or night.

The data content, including GPS location, can also be sent to a customer's display for on-the-go monitoring and mapping of mobile or stationary sensors. Data acquisition by the Talkers in a community can present local temperature, humidity, vibration, and the presence of various gases or intrusion, with all events based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT is carried by each Talker).

Roland F. Bryan, MachineTalker's CEO, touched on the enhanced sales opportunities that the WebTalker brings to the MachineTalker product line. "Our Talkers automatically form communities, and the WebTalker is no exception. Each of the other Talkers may be servicing sensors and gathering data while the WebTalker brings remote access to the community through a link to the Internet.

"This new product fills a big gap in the remote monitoring industry. It provides a very simple and cost-effective means to view assets and control sensors using the power of the Internet. WebTalkers, passing information over the Internet or by way of a cellular connection, eliminate the need for private and proprietary networks when monitoring shipments in transit or equipment in remote locations."

MachineTalkers are battery-powered microprocessors equipped with radios and analog and digital circuitry to service all types of sensors. Each unit operates the SMMP software operating system, which controls formation of the wireless mesh network community. SMMP keeps track of community members and manages power consumption to prolong battery life. The WebTalker is the same basic product with enhancement for Internet or cellular connection.

About MachineTalker
MachineTalker Inc., founded in 2002, has developed a breakthrough technology—smart security networks that allow governments, businesses, and individuals to rapidly deploy wireless security and tracking systems to protect people, places, and things. The company's proprietary technology embodies innovative features in the networking of intelligent devices that form communities for shared processing and reporting of data in remote security and control applications. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit the company's Web site.

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