Machine-Vision Image Sensor Raises Image Quality Bars

The CSG14k shutter image sensor from ams for machine vision and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment boasts better image quality and higher throughput than any previous device that supports the 1-inch optical format. The sensor features a 3840 x 3584 pixel array, giving 14 Mpixel resolution at a frame rate considerably higher than any comparable device.


The CSG14k’s 12-bit output provides sufficient dynamic range to handle wide variations in lighting conditions and subjects. The sensor’s global shutter with true Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) produces high-quality images of fast-moving objects free of motion artefacts. The sensor’s 3.2 µm x 3.2 µm pixel design is 66% smaller than the pixel in the previous generation of 10-bit ams image sensors, while offering a 12-bit output and markedly lower noise.

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Suitable for use in applications such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), sorting equipment, laser triangulation, and robotics, the CSG14k offers various configuration settings that enable the operation of the sensor to be tuned for specific application requirements. Configuration options include low-power modes at reduced frame rate, and optimizations for low noise and high dynamic range. The device has a sub-LVDS output interface which is compatible with the existing CMV family of image sensors from ams.


The CSG14k is housed in a 218-pin, 22mm x 20mm x 3mm LGA package which is compatible with the 1” lenses widely used in small form factor camera designs. It will be available for sampling in the first half of 2019. For more info, visit ams.

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