M2M Communication Terminal from eDevice

M2M Communication Terminal from eDevice
eDevice SA
A communication terminal for connecting industrial equipment to the Internet over GPRS, PSTN, and Ethernet networks, the eDindus from eDevice SA, Merignac, France, handles all communication protocols necessary to transfer information on a TCP/IP network. The device includes an FTP client, email client, a Web server, and its software development kit lets you create and embed scripts in an interpreted language. A 16-bit microprocessor handles Modbus protocol and allows specific C-coded client modules to be embedded in the terminal. You can connect the module to any equipment by using a range of hardware interfaces. (In the U.S., contact the French Technology Press Office, Chicago, IL, 312-327-5260, fax 312-327-5261, [email protected])

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Company: eDevice SA
Phone number: +33 (0)5-56-12-77-79
Fax: +33 (0)5-56-12-90-00

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