LVIT Technology Simplifies Position Measurement

Alliance Sensors Group Linear Variable Inductive Transducer (LVIT) position sensors merge the benefits of contactless inductive sensing with the low cost of contact-based technologies. The company’s current offerings expand to include a spring loaded version. Similar to existing LVIT components, the spring-loaded version features:

  • the ability to mount on hydraulic cylinders
  • contactless operation
  • ranges from 12.5 to 450 mm (1/2 to 18 inches)
  • radial cable exit version comes with swivel rod eye ends
  • four analog outputs
  • axial termination versions with either M-12 connector or 1m cable
  • ASG's proprietary SenSet field scalability 


  • THE NEW LRL-27 is a continuation of the LR-27 for longer range applications (10-18”)
  • THE NEW LZ-25- Through bore LVIT that can be mounted on Hydraulic Cylinders
  • The LZ-25 is a through bore design with ranges from 2-36” and EXTREMELY GOOD Stroke-to-length ratio. A 36” range unit is only 38” long
  • The spring loaded LRS-18 has a ¾” OD aluminum body and is offered in ranges 12.5 to 100mm. Like the LR-19, the LRS-18 is ideal for OEM and factory automation applications where small size and low cost are a premium however the probe cannot be hard fixed to the measurand.
  • The LR-19 has a ¾” OD aluminum body and is offered in ranges up to 200mm. The LR-19 is ideal for OEM and factory automation applications where small size and low cost are a premium.
  • The LR-27 series is more robust than the LR-19 and is offered in both a 1” OD aluminum or stainless steel housing. The LR-27 is also for industrial OEM and factory automation applications where the application or environment is too extreme for the LR-19.
  • The LV-45 series units were designed to survive the most extreme environments being installed on bridges, train tracks, and off road vehicles for construction and agriculture.

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