LVIT Position Sensors Target Automation Apps

Alliance Sensors Group expands its LVIT sensor offerings with the LZ-19 Series linear position sensors. The components are contactless devices designed for use in factory automation or assembly equipment applications as well as for external mounting on pneumatic cylinders to sense rod position.


The LZ-19 LVITs are offered in nominal full-scale ranges from 2.5 to 750 mm (0.1 to 30 inches) with stroke-to-body-length ratios such that the overall length for most sensors is 25 mm (1 inch) or less. These sensors have a 19 mm (0.75 inch) diameter stainless steel or optional aluminum body with a 1-m long cable for I/O connections.


The 6 mm (0.236 inch) diameter through-bore of an LZ-19 gives adequate clearance for its 5.2 mm (0.20 inch) diameter PVDF-sheathed moving rod made of the same material as its housing. The through-bore feature also means that these sensors are not subject to damage from typical mechanical over stroking. For more details, checkout the LZ-19 Series datasheet.

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