LVIT Inductive Linear Position Sensors Eye Factory Automation Apps

LVIT Inductive Linear Position Sensors Eye Factory Automation Apps
Alliance Sensors Group

Based on LVIT technology, the LZ-25 Series linear position sensors are contactless devices designed for use in factory automation or assembly machinery applications where space is a premium as well as for external mounting on hydraulic cylinders to sense rod position. They are offered in nominal full scale ranges from 50 to 900 mm with an overall length of about 38 mm longer than the linear range of the unit. The sensor has a 25.4 mm outside diameter aluminum or optional stainless steel body with a 1m long radial exit cable for I/O connections. The 7.5 mm diameter through-bore of an LZ-25 provides clearance for its 6.35 mm diameter moving rod. This through-bore feature also means that the sensor is not subject to damage from typical mechanical over stroking.

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