LVDT/RVDT Signal Transmitter Easily Handles Industrial Apps

LVDT/RVDT Signal Transmitter Easily Handles Industrial Apps
Measurement Specialties Inc.

Groomed for harsh industrial spaces, the LiM-420 OEM signal conditioning transmitter operates across a temperature range of -25°C to +85°C. It runs off an 18 to 30 Vdc unipolar supply voltage and delivers a 4 mA to 20 mA current output signal. Compatible with many LVDT or RVDT transducers with five and six electrical connections, the transmitter is suitable for industrial applications such as valve position feedback, roller gap sensing, and material testing machines. Features include two 20-turn potentiometers, an excitation drive current of 20 mA, a non-linearity of ±0.05% FSO output, stability of ±0.05% of FSO after a 30-minute warm up, a maximum supply current of 50 mA, maximum loop resistance of 500Ω with a 24 Vdc supply, and a maximum output noise and ripple of 25 µARMS. For more information, visit  

Measurement Specialties Inc.
Hampton, VA

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