LVDT Amplifier from Stellar Technology

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Stellar Technology Inc.

The Series AP5104 from Stellar Technology Inc., Amherst, NY, is a DIN rail amplifier for use with 4-, 5-, or 6-wire LVDTs that also provides regulated AC excitation with remote sensing capability for cable runs >20 ft. The amplifier produces field-selectable filtered ±0–5 VDC, ±0–10 VDC, 4–20 mA, or 4–12–20 mA analog outputs. The low-pass active filter removes unwanted high-frequency measurement signal components to eliminate aliasing errors. Signal inputs from 16–1600 mV/V are accepted. The housing has screw terminal connections for power, analog output, shunt, and sensor signals; all controls are external, including zero and span, coarse grain, zero, zero input, jumper links for master/slave, and excitation frequency.

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Company: Stellar Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 716-250-1900
Fax: 716-250-1909

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