Luna Innovations Introduces Major New Enhancements to its ODiSI Sensing Platform

ROANOKE, VA -- Luna Innovations Incorporated launches a significant upgrade to its ODiSI (Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator) strain and temperature sensing platform. Luna’s ODiSI technology uses a lightweight, flexible, inexpensive, easy-to-install, distributed fiber sensor to provide critical stress, strain and temperature information to designers and manufacturers working with advanced materials. Luna’s ODiSI platform provides a number of advantages over traditional strain gages and thermocouples: distributed multi-point sensing; ultrahigh-definition measurements; reduced cost of sensor installation; and the ability to embed the sensor within composite structures. ODiSI provides these benefits with a per-sensor cost that is significantly lower than traditional foil strain gages.

The ODiSI-B 5.0’s development comes at a time that the aerospace and automotive markets continue to move toward the use of advanced materials. Unlike steel or aluminum, composite construction is non-uniform and requires new measurement technologies to ensure safety and reliability.

Users of the current ODiSI-B should contact Luna to discuss upgrade options to the enhanced system.

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