LumaSense Releases Luxtron Quality Probes to Utility Industry

SANTA CLARA, CA /Marketwire/ -- LumaSense Technologies (formerly Luxtron Corp.), a leading provider of temperature- and gas-sensing solutions to the utility, clean technology, medical, and industrial sectors, announced a new addition to its extensive line of fiber-optic temperature-measurement probes. LumaSense has developed a new Quality Probe designed for accurate temperature measurement in high-voltage applications, in particular winding hot spot measurement/temperature measurement in power transformers. The Quality Probe incorporates LumaSense's drift-free, calibration-free characteristics, patented Fluoroptic Technology, and is immune to RF, electromagnetic, and microwave interference.

The Quality Probe complements LumaSense's market-leading Rugged Probe, which has been used in the industry for over 25 years and is known for its strength and durability. The Rugged Probe currently has a 95% installation success rate, without breakage issues. The Quality Probe boasts many of the Rugged Probe's advantages but was designed to provide the marketplace with a cost-effective alternative to the Rugged Probe. While the LumaSense Rugged Probe is the strongest fiber optic available in the market today, LumaSense's new Quality Probe will provide the industry with more ruggedness than other solutions, at a better price. Other new design features in the Quality Probe include improved oil circulation, state-of-the-art sensor-positioning mounting and strain reliefs in the probe itself to improve durability.

"We have successfully completed extensive high-voltage testing of the new Quality Probe that confirmed the probe's function and durability in the high-temperature/high-stress environment of an operating transformer," said Michael Franchek, Vice President of Technology and Innovation for Weidmann Electrical Technology Inc. Weidmann has worked with LumaSense for more than 20 years in testing and designing improvements in fiber optics, and is considered a major supplier of transformer-insulating materials on a global basis.

"LumaSense has provided fiber-optic temperature measurement in transformers for 25 years, and we have been installed in almost 2000 transformers throughout the world. With the costs and lead times of transformers rising and the increasing electrical demand globally, transformers are becoming more and more of a critical asset," said, Brett Sargent, Vice President of Sales for LumaSense Technologies. "The Quality Probe gives us the design and cost advantage necessary to apply fiber-optic temperature measurement in smaller transformers globally, thereby providing our customers the best technology to monitor and control transformer loading and performance."

To learn more about our new Quality Probe or to receive a quote, please contact us at 408-727-1600.

About LumaSense
LumaSense Technologies is a global leader in providing quality sensor instrumentation to the industrial, medical, and energy markets. LumaSense is an operating company with a strategy to acquire other leading sensor instrumentation companies serving similar customers with complementary technologies and products. LumaSense's acquisitions are industry pioneers with hundreds of global customers: Luxtron Corp.—fiber-optic temperature-measurement sensors; Innova AirTech Instruments—trace gas monitoring and analysis; Andros—nondispersive and dispersive infrared gas analysis; Mikron Infrared—noncontact temperature measurement, thermal imaging systems, and blackbody calibration instruments. LumaSense is backed by Oak Investment Partners, a leading multi-stage venture capital firm, with a 28-year history. and DFJ Element, a leading venture capital investor in clean technology.

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