LumaSense Debuts Next Generation Industrial Infrared Pyrometer

LumaSense Technologies, Inc. introduced the new IMPAC® IGA 140/23 pyrometer last week at the Industrie Paris expo for production technologies. The new IGA 140/23 is a major update to the industry proven IP 140 pyrometer.

The IGA 140/23 is ideally suited for low temperature metal, ceramic, graphite and other material applications starting at 50 °C. With both low (50 to 700 °C) and high (150 to 1800 °C) temperature ranges, the IGA 140/23 gives manufacturers flexibility in the range of processes covered. This robust pyrometer is effective in induction, tempering, annealing, heating/cooling, and various other processes that occur at lower temperatures. “The new IMPAC® IGA 140/23 pyrometer is more reliable, flexible and durable than comparable instruments that require a choppered detector in order to reach such low temperatures”, said Daniel Schueftan, Pyrometer Product Manager at LumaSense Technologies.

The new IGA 140/23 is a simpler design with a reduction in moving parts to minimize the maintenance requirements. The pyrometer requires no start-up time and allows for immediate readouts. With a variety of communication options, such as RS232, RS485, ProfiBus, ProfiNet, Ethernet, the IGA 140/23 is capable of interfacing with virtually every production system available in the marketplace.

When temperatures approach 1800°C, normal contact-based methods of temperature measurement such as thermocouples will disintegrate. Thus, manufacturers have long relied on infrared technology to capture precise temperature readings without making physical contact. Such temperature readings are crucial to manufacturing processes affecting product quality, energy consumption, asset life, and personnel safety.

The IGA 140/23 is part of LumaSense’s proven IMPAC® pyrometer product line. IMPAC, acquired by LumaSense in 2007, has over 50 years of experience in infrared and noncontact temperature measurement. IMPAC® pyrometers, also known as infrared thermometers, are an industry standard for measuring temperature when traditional methods fail.

The IGA 140/23 will be available for viewing at the upcoming AIST Steel show in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania May 16 – 19.

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