LumaSense Announces New Fiber-Optic Sensor for Harsh Environments

SANTA CLARA, CA /Marketwire/ -- LumaSense Technologies, a leading provider of temperature- and gas-sensing solutions to industrial, semiconductor, optoelectronics, medical, and electric power industries, announced the release of its Luxtron 800 series fiber-optic measurement systems for temperature monitoring in harsh EMI, RF, MRI, microwave and high-voltage environments.

The Luxtron 800 series includes industrial-grade fiber-optic temperature monitoring systems configurable with either one or two measurement channels at 4 Hz or 10 Hz measurement speeds. The table-top Luxtron 812 version features an easy to read two-line LED display and is encased in a tamper-proof metal enclosure. The systems have RS-232 or analog output ports for downloading of data and integration into industrial control schemes. The 800 Series board-level systems are an easily integrated component into OEM products where accuracy, low or no drift, and fast measurement speed are required.

The Luxtron 800 series systems are compatible with all of Luxtron's Fluoroptic (FOT) probes. Luxtron's FOT probes are immune to electromagnetic interference and are entirely nonmetallic. Luxtron fiber-optic cables are constructed to be durable and flexible, and they are coated with chemical resistant materials. Applications include monitoring of dielectric heating processes, chemical reactions, live electrical circuits, microwave heating processes, and high-voltage applications, such as winding hot spot temperature measurement in transformers.

"Our Luxtron 800 series was designed specifically for our industrial customers who need a smaller fiber-optic temperature monitoring unit that has the accuracy, stability, and repeatability of our previous products with the option of a faster sampling speed," said Harry Hirschman, product line director.

About LumaSense
LumaSense Technologies is a global leader in providing quality sensor instrumentation to the industrial, medical, and energy markets. LumaSense is an operating company with a strategy to acquire other leading sensor instrumentation companies serving similar customers with complementary technologies and products. LumaSense's acquisitions are industry pioneers with hundreds of global customers: Luxtron Corp.—on-contact fiber-optic temperature measurement sensors; Innova AirTech Instruments—trace gas monitoring and analysis; Andros—nondispersive and dispersive infrared gas analysis; Mikron Infrared—noncontact temperature measurement, thermal imaging systems, and blackbody calibration instruments. LumaSense is backed by Oak Investment Partners, a leading multi-stage venture capital firm, with a 28 year history, and DFJ Element, a leading venture capital investor in clean technology.

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