LumaSense and Weidmann Announce Strategic Partnership

SANTA CLARA, CA /Marketwire/ -- LumaSense Technologies, a global leader of infrared (IR) temperature and gas measurement solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Weidmann Electrical Technology (Weidmann), a business unit of the Weidmann International Corp. Group. Weidmann is a global leader in insulating materials and components for high-voltage applications and diagnostic services for the energy market. LumaSense provides temperature- and gas-sensing solutions for the energy, clean technology, and industrial markets.

LumaSense Technologies has been providing solutions to the energy market globally for over 25 years, through its Luxtron, Innova, and Mikron IR product brands. Throughout the world, smart grid initiatives are underway to modernize electric transmission and distribution systems. Smart Grid technologies are designed to bring the transmission and distribution grids into a new era of performance and reliability. LumaSense has the unique ability to provide sensing technology that will allow the fast, accurate, and direct support of these initiatives. With our proven product offerings of direct fiber-optic temperature sensors used in high-voltage applications, complementary gas-sensing solutions, and developments that are currently underway, LumaSense will become a global player in support of smart grid initiatives. LumaSense has formed a strategic partnership with Weidmann to facilitate the deployment of existing and new technologies into the transformer monitoring market.

Weidmann, which has one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry, has the knowledge and design expertise to contribute significantly to smart grid strategies and initiatives on a global basis. With headquarters in Rapperswil, Switzerland, Weidmann Electrical Technology has for more than 130 years been an integral part of the global energy market, providing insulating material used in high-voltage power transformers and distribution transformers. In addition, Weidmann also provides analytical testing and specialized diagnostics important to power equipment users in the electric utility sector.

"Weidmann has one of the most respected names and strongest technological competency found in the utility industry. With our existing portfolio and the development of new and innovative technology underway, we believe partnering with Weidmann will allow both organizations to support the global initiatives of smart grid and modernization," comments Brett Sargent, Vice President of Sales for LumaSense Technologies. "State-of-the-art technology that is reliable, along with innovative sensors and measurement devices, will be critical in allowing the collective initiatives of both LumaSense and Weidmann to be realized quickly in support of the much needed modernization efforts," comments David Woodcock, Vice President of Strategic Development for Weidmann Diagnostic Solutions, which is part of the Business Area Weidmann Electrical Technology.

About LumaSense
LumaSense Technologies is a global leader in providing temperature- and gas-sensing solutions to industrial, energy, medical, and clean-technology markets. We design and manufacture sensors for end-user and original equipment manufacturers applications. LumaSense has proven expertise in developing state-of-the-art IR and fiber-optic temperature sensors, radiometric thermal imagers, and gas analyzers. A common theme in our sensors is the use of IR light to provide robust, accurate sensors for demanding environments, applications, and customers. With worldwide offices located in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, LumaSense Technologies is backed by Oak Investment Partners, a leading multi-stage venture capital firm with a 28-year history, and Element Ventures, a leading venture capital investor in clean technology.

About Weidmann Electrical Technology
With design, manufacturing, and analytical testing capabilities strategically located around the globe, Weidmann Electrical Technology is an industry leader in insulation system technology and diagnostics that make power and distribution transformers better in meeting the performance demands of today's T&D electric grids.

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