Lubricant Inspection Pod Accelerates Daily Inspections

Lubricant Inspection Pod Accelerates Daily Inspections

Luneta’s Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP) emerges as a unique multi-parameter inspection device that modernizes and expands daily lubricant inspections. It provides an inspection window that displays physical conditions of the lubricant and machine and a proprietary design promises to improve inspection tasks by eliminating the need for lab analysis. The CMP offers 16 capabilities, 10 of which are exclusive. These include an integrated oil-sampling port, easy-to-remove-and-view magnetic plug, a corrosion/varnish inspection probe, and a quick lubricant access point for syringe sampling. Target applications include gearboxes, bearing oil sumps, hydraulic reservoirs, compressor oil reservoirs, turbine-generator main oil tanks, and paper machine central reservoirs. The CMP retails for $289.

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