Low Volume Flow Switches Handle Liquids or Gases

KOBOLD micro flow switches, models KSR and SVN, operate on the same principle as a float-type or variable area flow indicator. Provided that the flow rate is above a preselected minimum, the float is raised from its seat and travels the full distance to its upper stop.


The model SVN uses an inductive proximity switch that transmits a signal to a suitable power supply/relay module, such as the company’s KFA or KFD series, triggering a user specified signaling or switching sequence. The model KSR contains a magnet within its float, which activates an electrically isolated reed-switch. If the maximum switching capacity of the reed switch is not exceeded, no supplemental relay is required to provide a triggering function.

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If additional switching capacity is required, the company can supply an appropriate isolation relay to protect the flow switch contacts from overload damage. For deeper insights, take gander at the KSR/SVN datasheet and the user manual.


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