Low Profile LED Strobe Lights from J.W. Speaker

Germantown, WI -- J.W. Speaker announces that they have released a new family of LED mini strobe lights. The new Models 406 (Class II) and 407 (Class I) not only replace many of their
existing strobe light SKUs, but also deliver greater value through improved functionality and lower cost.

Measuring in at less than 4" in height, these new, lower-profile strobe lights offer greater flexibility for mounting and provide a viable solution for applications where space constraints previously proved problematic. The mounting configuration matches that of previous J.W. Speaker models, making direct replacement with the new models a quick and easy task.

The Model 406 is constructed completely of impact-resistant polycarbonate, while the Model 407 pairs a die-cast housing and polycarbonate lens. Both models leverage the latest in LED technology to provide maximum visibility and rugged durability. Each strobe comes with five different modes which offer operators the ability to select the flash pattern that best suits their safety operations.

Best of all, J.W. Speaker's Models 406 & 407 feature a new, lower price tag. "This is consistent with our long-standing directive to provide customers with a high value ratio i.e. re-engineering products to improve performance and decrease cost" said Mike Stoeckel, Director of Aftermarket Sales for J.W. Speaker.

To learn more, visit:

For more information, contact J.W. Speaker at 800.558.7288 or [email protected]

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