Low-Profile Digital Pressure Sensor Sports ASIC

Low-Profile Digital Pressure Sensor Sports ASIC
Measurement Specialties Inc.

The 86BSD media-isolated digital output pressure sensor features a low-profile, 16-mm diaphragm diameter with a rugged 316L stainless steel housing. Of note, it integrates a custom ASIC for temperature compensation and offset correction. A 14-bit digital output supports both I2C and SPI interface protocols and the sensor provides both pressure and temperature readouts. Mountable with an o-ring seal, the 86BSD suits a number of applications including level control, sealed systems, manifold and barometric pressure measurement, submersible depth monitoring, and corrosive fluids and gas measurement. Pressure range spans 1 psi to 300 psi (0.07 bar to 20 bar) in either absolute or gage references, operating temperature is from -40°C to +125°C, total error band is up to ±1% Span, and accuracy is ±0.25% Span. A datasheet is available at http://meas-spec.com/downloads/86BSD.pdf  

Measurement Specialties Inc.
Hampton, VA

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