Low Profile Compression Load Cells Include USB Output

Low Profile Compression Load Cells Include USB Output
Omega Engineering Inc.

Handling up to 1,000 readings per second, the LC411-USBH Series load cells connect directly to a PC via its USB output. No additional power supply is necessary as the load cell derives power from the USB port. Included PC software simplifies data logging and charting. Also included are .NET APIs and a command set for command line access. Price Starts at $870. For more details, visit http://www.omega.com/pptst/LC411_LCM411-USBH.html and a datasheet is available at http://www.omega.com/Pressure/pdf/LC411_LCM411-USBH.pdf 

Omega Engineering
Stamford, CT
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Company: Omega Engineering Inc.
Country: International
Phone number: 800-773-7869, x-317

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