Low-Noise Accelerometers from Columbia Research

Low-Noise Accelerometers from Columbia Research
Columbia Research Labs, Inc.

Columbia Research Laboratories Inc., Woodlyn, PA, offers the SA-107LN, SA-207LN, and SA-307LN servo accelerometers designed for use in seismic and low-level, low-frequency motion studies. The single-axis SA-107LN, dual-axis SA-207LN, and triaxial SA-307LN feature low-noise electronics, measurements in the low-frequency micro-G range, DC-coupled zero output, AC-coupled zero output, and ±15 VDC operation. Applications include floor vibration, building motion, seismic detection, antenna stabilization, and earthquake monitoring.

Contact Info

Company: Columbia Research Labs, Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-813-8471
Fax: 610-872-3882

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