Low Cost Temperature Controller Operates With Peltier Effect Modules

The 5R9-350 open board temperature controller is specifically designed with a proportional integral control algorithm to provide the most precise control to thermoelectric (Peltier effect) modules at the most economical price. The controller can be setup for heat or cool and can run Ramp & Soak profile. Pulse Width Modulation controls the power level in the thermoelectric module at a base frequency of 2.5 KHz, output stage is high resolution.

Model 5R9-350 specifications:

Input Voltage: 7 to 36 VDC
Output Voltage: 0 to 36 VDC
Load Current: 0.1 to 15A per channel, total current 18 amps max
Temperature Resolution: 0.01°C
Model 5R9-350 features:

Dual outputs or output can be synchronized for higher output current
Outputs are open drain
Proportional Integral derivative control algorithm
Pulse width modulated output
TTL to USB communication via optional OI-TTL-Cable
Setup and Monitor control through included GUI & DLL
Ramp & Soak profile
Temperature Sensor Selection:

TR67 (15K 1.0°C) –20 to 110°C
TR91 (10K) –40 to 150°C
TR104 (50K) 0 to 150°C
TR136 (15K 0.1°C) –20 to 110°C
TR141 (5K) –40 to 90°C
TR165 (231.5K) 25 to 250°C

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