Low-Cost Spectral Sensor Enables Smaller Applications

Low-Cost Spectral Sensor Enables Smaller Applications
Ocean Optics Inc.

According to its maker, the Spark-VIS spectral sensor uses optical technology advances to shrink instrument size, making it the smallest on the market to date. The company also claims it delivers high-resolution (4.5 nm to 9 nm) measurements over the visible wavelength range of 380 nm to 700 nm. Available in both OEM and stand-alone configurations, the low-cost Spark-VIS is suitable for more apps such as simple absorbance, fluorescence, and emissive color measurements. It can be embedded to power portable and Internet connected sensing devices for environmental, food, agriculture, biomedical and quality control applications; integrated directly on processing lines, or used as a benchtop instrument in teaching, research, medical, and quality control labs. For more specs, visit http://oceanoptics.com/product/spark-vis

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