Low-Cost Linear Encoder Eyes Semi Markets

NUMERIK JENA’s LIKgo is a low-cost linear encoder that meets the demands for use in production and inspection machines in the semiconductor industry.  Available in North America through HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION, the LIKgo encoder is extremely compact and easy to install due to a unique scanning technology that provides significantly improved signal quality. 

Due to this new two-field scanning principle, the signals are produced free of offset errors and phase errors. The measuring standard is a SINGLEFLEX steel scale tape with a width of 8 mm and a grating period of 20 µm. The interpolation and processing of the signals takes place inside the scanning head, thereby eliminating the need for additional electronics in the connector. Measuring steps down to 78.125 nm are possible. Next to the incremental track runs a reference track with a non-reflecting reference mark. 

Other features include a scanning head that weighs only 5g. The scanning technology is resistant to contamination and the electronics produce very low heat. Other applications for the LIKgo encoder include linear drives, coordinate measuring machines and measuring systems. For more details, peruse the product page.

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