Loud Audio Alarms Come In Small Packages

Transducers USA enlarges its line of TRIP-80 Alarm Series of high output audio alerts with components in small packages measuring 26 mm in diameter and 22-mm high. The updated components generate a sound pressure level of 97 dB at 30 cm minimum with a continuous or fast pulsing audio output.


These loud indicators are viable for industrial control, automation and a plethora of alarm applications where ambient noise may interfere with other alarm outputs at lower sound pressures. The TRIP-80 Alarm Series from Transducers USA feature ceramic piezo indicators and are available in PC pin or wire termination (TRIP-80L-16G-ME) configurations. 


The TRIP-8012LA unit includes a snap-on connector that will mate with automotive style connectors.  This unit meets IP67 standards. The TRIP-80 Series of alarms operate at 6 to 18 Vdc at 25 ma maximum.  Resonant frequency is 2.7 kHz ±500 Hz. For more information, visit Transducers USA.


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