Logica and AirSage to Provide Real-Time Traffic Information

ATLANTA & LONDON /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Logica, a leading IT and business services company, and AirSage Inc., an industry leader in accurate real-time traffic information, announced they have agreed to partner to provide comprehensive services delivering reliable and timely traffic information to drivers and businesses across Europe.

The new services will address the growing need for accurate real-time traffic information. European road and transport authorities, rescue and emergency services, navigation providers, businesses, and private drivers will greatly benefit from this partnership and the resulting real-time traffic data. Having access to such data reduces travel times, mitigates congestion, improves accessibility and ultimately lowers carbon emissions.

AirSage's innovative and patented software technology aggregates anonymous signaling data from wireless mobile operators and converts the data into real-time information. By using wireless signal extraction (WiSE) technology, AirSage creates speed and flow information for entire roadway networks, covering all highways and primary arterials.

"We are pleased to partner with Logica as they bring world-class intelligent transport systems (ITS) expertise and worldwide deployment capabilities," said Cy Smith, AirSage's founder and CEO. "Our technology is easy to implement and much less expensive than alternatives like fibre-optic cable and traffic cameras. Further, our technology provides comprehensive road network coverage. For example, in the U.S., we cover more than 330,000 km with real-time traffic information—that's 20 times more than the substandard 16,000 km covered by sensors."

Cees de Wijs, Group Director Intelligent Transport Systems at Logica, said, "We chose to partner with AirSage because they have effectively deployed this technology in more markets than any other company in the world. Accurate real-time traffic information is becoming increasingly critical, but the cost to deploy and maintain roadside sensor equipment is continually rising. Partnering with AirSage allows us to provide a valuable service based on national and international telecommunication networks while avoiding the cost of investing in a new infrastructure.

"Our solution with AirSage is easy to deploy both technically and financially because it is not limited to one operator's network or one in-car device. Information can be distributed on multiple platforms, including mobile phones, the Internet, and intelligent traffic signs. The cost of fuel is rising along with the number of vehicles on European roads, while the emergence of more stringent legislation governing carbon emissions shows no sign of abating. The time is right for a new approach to real-time traffic data management."

Logica is a gold sponsor of the ITS in Europe 2008 exhibition that takes place June 4–6, 2008 at the Palexpo Convention Centre in Geneva, Switzerland. At the event, Logica will demonstrate its expertise in the accelerated deployment of large-scale ITS and sustainable mobility. AirSage will join Logica at ITS in Europe 2008 and will demonstrate how WiSE technology creates accurate, real-time traffic information.

About AirSage
AirSage Inc. is the leading provider of reliable and accurate real-time traffic information, providing partners and customers with the highest quality speed, travel-time, and traffic-flow information on over 100,000 miles of the nation's highways, freeways, primary roadways, and arterial roads. The Atlanta-based company has developed innovative, patented software technology that aggregates anonymous signaling data from wireless mobile operators. AirSage is currently the "only company in the U.S. with a wireless carrier partner that is committed to a national deployment and is the only company with the capability to provide real-time traffic information using this ground-breaking technology."

About Logica
Logica is a leading IT and business services company, employing 39,000 people across 36 countries. It provides business consulting, systems integration, and IT and business process outsourcing services. Logica works closely with its customers to release their potential, enabling change that increases their efficiency, accelerates growth and manages risk. It applies its deep industry knowledge, technical excellence, and global delivery expertise to help its customers build leadership positions in their markets.