Local Massachusetts FIRST Robotics Team Seeks Sponsorship and Funding

Local Massachusetts FIRST Robotics Team Seeks Sponsorship and Funding

Who We Are:  A robotics team from Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, comprised of students, teachers, engineers, artists, mentors, parents, enthusiasts and many more.  We believe that through STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) our students will be well prepared for life beyond high school.

What is FIRST Robotics: Our team was inspired by the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics program that was founded by Dean Kamen in 1989. The FIRST program is meant to “transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.” Its mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills that inspire innovation and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, teamwork and leadership.  

What We Do:  Every year, our team competes in several State, Regional and National competitions, but most notably the FIRST Robotics Competition.  This competition is said to be the “closest to real-world engineering” that high school students can ever experience.  Over 3,000 teams from 19 countries challenge themselves for six weeks to build a robot that performs at the highest caliber. Our students must take a vision and turn it into a machine that is capable of performing tasks both autonomously and with student “drivers.”

Why TJ2: We believe that we stand out from others given our school and team’s 21 years of experience.  The TJ2 team has made it to the world championship several times over the course of those years.  One hundred percent of our student participants and teammates continue their education after high school and the majority of those students choose majors in STEAM fields. Many of our former students choose to “pay it forward” by volunteering with our team or at local competitions. Several alumni have helped with teams at other high schools across the State and Country.

What Skills Our Students Learn:  Our students learn more than just how to build a robot. They strengthen skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, organization, time-management, team building, mentoring, networking, budgeting, working with professionals, etc. Above all else, FIRST students are significantly more likely to attend college, major in science, math or engineering and be outstanding future employers, leaders and citizens. 

How You Can Get Involved: In addition to the high cost incurred to build the robots, competitions require registration fees, transportation, lodging in some cases, and more. Each year we compete, depletes our funds which we work so diligently to fundraise for. In years past, due to monetary restrictions, we have had to limit our ability to compete and/or include all students and participants in the competitions. In order to continue our outstanding and very successful program and team, we are looking for supporters of our team. There are a few ways, in which you can get involved:

Students are the future of our industry, so please help us support their education and growth so we can continue to see advancements in sensors and robotics.

For more information on making a donation or becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact [email protected]

The Future of TJ2 Robotics
Website: http://www.tj2.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TJ2-179532515768777/?skip_nax_wizard=true

GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/tj2frcteam88


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