Load Switch Features Deep-Sleep Function

(SGLF Integrated Power)

GLF Integrated Power’s GLF76321 IQSmart IC load switch features a Deep Sleep power conservation mode. While in this mode, the device operates with a typical standby current (ISD) of 7 nA, said to be negligible when compared to the typical self-discharge of Li-ion batteries. By virtually disconnecting the battery during shipment and storage, the GLF76321 enables products to operate immediately out of the box without the need for recharging.


The GLF76321 supports two methods for entering/leaving Deep Sleep mode. User operation can be initiated or exited by pulling the SRO pin to LOW for a predefined delay, or for logic or interrupt control by a signal to the OFF pin. The device includes an integrated 1-ms slew rate control and output discharge functions. The GLF76X21 is available in a 0.97 mm x 1.47 mm x 0.55 mm wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP) priced at 0.19 each in OEM quantities. For more details, visit the GLF76321 product page.

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