Load Cell from Kistler-Morse

Load Cell from Kistler-Morse

The Load Disc 3 (LD3) from Kistler-Morse, Spartanburg, SC, is a semiconductor strain-gauge-based load cell available in capacities from 1000–25,000 lb. and used to continuously monitor the weight of material for in-process and bulk-storage vessels. Accuracy is 0.08%. The load cells can take forces from all sides and still work reliably because of their multiple strain-gauge design. Monolithic design eliminates the need for restraints or stay rods. The 17-4 hermetically sealed SS device can be used in steam-in-place and washdown environments.

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Company: Kistler-Morse
Phone number: 800-426-9010
Fax: 864-574-8063

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