Load Cell Controller from RDR Technology

Load Cell Controller from RDR Technology
RDR Technology Inc. (Load Cell Central)

RDR Technology Inc. (Load Cell Central), Monroeton, PA, offers the IPE50 load cell controller that can accept up to 4 load cell inputs, eliminating the need for a load cell summing card in traditional weighing systems. Alternatively, the device can be used as a multiscale display, controlling up to 4 scales with a single indicator. Features include 0–10 VDC, 0–20 mA, and 4–20 mA analog outputs; RS-232, RS-485, or optional Profibus digital communications; two logical inputs; two relay outputs; DIN rail mounting; 24 VDC operation; and compact design. Controller functions such as zero, tare, print, and switching channels can be accessed via the keypad or via RS-232/RS-485/Profibus communications.

Contact Info

Company: RDR Technology Inc. (Load Cell Central)
Phone number: 800-562-3235
Fax: 570-265-5148

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