LLC Controller Integrates Current Mode Control And Synchronous Rectification

LLC Controller Integrates Current Mode Control And Synchronous Rectification
Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.

Described as an industry first, the FAN7688 logs on as an advanced LLC resonant controller with current-mode control and synchronous rectification (SR). Promising best-in-class efficiency for isolated dc/dc converters, the device employs the company’s charge current control technology, which enables it to use current mode control, as opposed to voltage mode control. Current-mode control is a technique based on a charge control providing a better control-to-output transfer function of the power stage, simplifying the feedback loop design while allowing true input power limit capability. Closed-loop soft-start allows a monotonic rising of the output voltage regardless of load condition. The dual edge tracking adaptive dead time control minimizes the body diode conduction time, thus maximizing efficiency. For more details, visit

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.
San Jose, CA

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Company: Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.
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