Liquid Level Sensor Accurate In High Viscosities

Gill's Model 7014 high viscosity liquid-level sensor Model 7014 exploits proprietary conductive technology specifically designed for monitoring highly viscous (water based) liquids. The 7014 sensor features an electrically sensitive probe surface, no moving parts or floats, and a wetted area manufactured with Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) that exhibits high non-stick properties. The smooth sensing surface can differentiate between being immersed in thick liquids versus air (the airspace at the top of the tank or container). The variance between these two readings is used to calculate true liquid level.


The 7014 sensors can be used for level monitoring in water-based paint solids, lacquers, and pulp products along with other aggressive water-based cleaning chemical combinations commonly used in industrial processing. Even in extremely syrupy and sticky viscous materials, a simple service of wiping the probe clean using alcohol will reset the device for re-use.

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The sensor can be mounted in a ''bottoms up'' or inverted orientation with no impact on accuracy. The sensor is available with all the common electrical outputs including Resistive 10-180Ω or 240-33Ω, analog voltage output with both 0.25 - 4.75V DC and 0.25 - 10.0V versions, and current output with 4-20mA. Easy-to-use GUI software includes a programmable switch function (output) that triggers an alarm or warning when the container or tank level has reached the user's preselected point. Ready to get down, dirty, thick, and sticky, but need more specs and details? Get yourself a Model 714 datasheet.


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