Liquid Flow Switch Provides Reliable Control

Liquid Flow Switch Provides Reliable Control
Kobold Instruments Inc.

The SMN flow switches are used when very low flow switching points are required along with minimal pressure loss at high flow rates. Typical applications include the control of water and cooling circuits, high pressure cleaning devices, control of contaminated media in
effluent and heating systems and many other flow control systems. Using all-metal wetted parts, the SMN functions using the float principle. However, it does not use the standard conical metering tube or slotted measuring nozzle. Instead, a float with an integral magnet is suspended within a cylindrical measuring tube. The float is moved by the flow against a compression spring mounted within the instrument. The magnetic field activates an adjustable reed contact mounted on the switch body at the desired switch point. This design ensures that
only a very nominal flow rate is required to raise the float sufficiently and activate the contact. When the float reaches the top of its travel, a wide flow path opens, allowing high flow rates without a significant increase in pressure loss typically experienced in other flow switch designs.
When the flow is interrupted, the spring returns the float to its original position and the contact changes state. A complete datasheet is available at  

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