Liquid Flow Sensor Key To Wearable Drug Delivery IoT Platform

Sensirion’s LD20 single-use liquid flow sensor is compact and measures flow rates in the micro and milliliter per hour range with what is said to be outstanding precision and reliability due to patented CMOSens technology. It also features sensitive failure detection mechanisms to help counteract, for example, occlusions and air-in-line. The Quantex 4C wearable drug delivery IoT platform from Quantex features a design based on a rotary, fixed displacement principle that, allegedly, is much less sensitive to variables such as line pressure, fluid viscosity and flow rate.


Quantex integrates connectivity with a modular drug delivery platform and enables continuous monitoring of the therapy with the help of a single use liquid flow sensor for safe ambulatory treatments. The compactness, low power consumption and cost-effectiveness of both, sensor and pump, allow the design of a wearable device that controls and monitors the drug delivery therapy simultaneously.


For more details, checkout the video below as well as the Sensirion LD20 and the Quantex 4C pages.



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