Liquid Analysis System Simplifies Process Monitoring

For concentration and density measurement in process liquids by sonic velocity, SensoTech’s LiquiSonic systems display limit values. In addition to displaying numeric concentration, density, and temperature, the visualizing of limit value ranges is available that simplifies the monitoring of an approximation to critical values. Users can identify the segment in the measuring range where the current value is settled on and get an overview quickly.


When approximating the borders of the measuring range, the arrow turns into yellow signaling a warning. A range excess is shown by a red arrow. The LiquiSonic controller display allows up to three value ranges at the same time. This applies for each one of the up to four sensors, which can be connected to a control unit. Another feature is the customizability of the measuring ranges. By using the intuitive menu, every critical value can be adjusted separately.

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An automatic reaction of the LiquiSonic system to the approximation or excess of the limit values to the process control system, i.e. via Profibus, is possible. This allows users to react to process changes completely automatic and in a matter of seconds what causes more safety and an optimal process control. Additionally, the digital outputs of the controller can be used to address optical warning signals in the production hall entirely automatic.


The new limit value displaying does not influence any of the other functions of the LiquiSonic controller. For further information, visit SensoTech GmbH and/or email [email protected].

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