LineSider Chosen for Homeland Security Public Alert

DANVERS, MA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LineSider Technologies, a leading provider of software and systems for next-generation IP business communications, announced that its WirePower secure network management technology has been selected by AMERICAN SYSTEMS, a government IT solutions provider and one of the top 100 employee-owned companies in the U.S., for implementation in a developmental early warning system. Called Red Cell, the system is designed to rapidly provide geographically precise risk alerts via sensor networks and the cellular communication infrastructure.

AMERICAN SYSTEMS selected LineSider because WirePower's policy-based, top-down design approach to network management adds a layer of ad hoc customization and security to the ubiquity and fault-tolerance of Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure. WirePower enables secure, flexible connections to critical network nodes based on the dictates of effective event notification and command-and-control response protocols. As a result, WirePower facilitates the development of a network that is secure but sufficiently malleable and dynamic to serve the stringent demands of both preemptive alert and crisis response scenarios.

"Red Cell's ultimate success is directly related to the security of the system. The public trusts that the information they are receiving is accurate and that they can act upon it quickly, whether it is a snow advisory or a report of a dirty bomb," said Peter Smith, Executive Vice President, AMERICAN SYSTEMS. "LineSider's WirePower security solution is scalable and easy to use, making them an ideal partner for Red Cell, which has the potential to connect a large number of trusted entities."

AMERICAN SYSTEMS was selected to develop and demonstrate their Red Cell solution by the Institute for Defense and Homeland Security (IDHS), an operating entity within the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT). Red Cell's primary mission is to ensure timely decision-making and response in emergency situations, including chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) events. Additionally, Red Cell may be used as a public safety service for natural disasters and assist other public notification systems, such as the Wireless Priority Service, Government Emergency Telecommunications Service and the enhanced Emergency Alert Service.

The Red Cell concept uses a standards-based, net-centric framework to connect sensor networks to public cellular telephone users located in a specific geographical area (cell tower footprint). Sensors detect an abnormality from baseline data and notify appropriate first responder and command and control personnel, who are then able to take action immediately. A key focus area is the decision-making process and how to determine that the event is an actual emergency rather than a false alarm. Once an emergency is declared, using sensor-derived data, a decision is made to notify civilians via the cell phone network.

LineSider and six other AMERICAN SYSTEMS technology partners are collaborating on the design and deployment of the solution. A live concept demonstration of Red Cell's capabilities is scheduled at the Fort Pickett, Va., National Guard facility in the summer of 2007.

"AMERICAN SYSTEMS is undertaking an innovative design project with Red Cell," said Harrison Flynn, LineSider's Vice President of Business Development. "This project affords LineSider the privilege of applying our technology's particular strengths towards a substantive contribution to the nation's security needs."

LineSider's WirePower is a software product that works on a range of hardware platforms. It intelligently interprets business policies for the customer and propagates them to the physical assets of an IP network, automating the creation and management of customer premises equipment (CPE)-based services, such as routing, firewall, LAN/WAN traffic engineering, SIP and IP security.

Unlike some administrative tools that require device-by-device manual intervention, the WirePower software automates the network configuration process based on rules that correspond to an organization's business goals. The WirePower Policy Server and Management Console allow a multi-site business to easily incorporate their business requirements directly into the topology of their network. Managed Service Providers using the WirePower system can deliver managed CPE services inside the firewall that are customized to business objectives by the client through a self-service portal. This fully automated, top-down approach not only significantly improves operational efficiencies for the enterprise, but provides a self-documenting and self-maintained reference for deployed service configurations.

All policies and their deployed service configurations are kept in the WirePower Policy Repository. This affords the enterprise complete and comprehensive auditing and compliance, whether for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, or other security and privacy requirements for regulated industries.

Founded in 1975, AMERICAN SYSTEMS is one of the largest employee-owned companies in the United States, generating 2006 revenues of approximately $231 million. Based in the Washington, DC, suburb of Chantilly, VA, the company provides systems engineering, technical and managed services to government and private sector customers. With approximately 1500 employees in 22 office locations and more than 125 field sites, AMERICAN SYSTEMS is known for anticipating and responding rapidly to our customers' present and future needs.

About LineSider Technologies
LineSider Technologies is a leading provider of network software that enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and enterprises in the financial, healthcare and government/municipal sectors to automate provisioning, management and administration of their IP network services. With a top-down approach to policy management, LineSider's WirePower software and Policy Enforcement Point edge appliances are distinguished by their ease of use, security and ability to integrate easily with legacy solutions.

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