Linear transducer with user selectable output

Rota Hall effect type linear transducers are widely used by hydraulic cylinder manufacturers for electrical position feedback because firstly their compact size usually maintains a cylinders mounting dimensions and secondly their proven reliability, along with their many mounting and output signal options offer a versatile position feedback solution for many diverse applications in all types of mobile machinery. Electrical output signals available include the commonly used analogue voltage or current types, but also digital J1939, PWM, CANbus and CANopen.

                                   Drawing shows the selectable outputs available

But now to give customers using analogue signals more flexibility a new transducer is available that has both a current 4-20mA and voltage 1.0-5.0V output, and either can be selected at the point of use by simply connecting to the required wire on the connector, this method of selection eliminates the need to use any selector switches, special tools or involve any software changes. 

                       View on connector

Up until now the output type has always been selected at point of order and cannot be changed once manufactured, so if the wrong type has been ordered unfortunately the only option is the expense and wait of a replacement. With the selectable option this is a thing of the past because for instance a voltage output can be ordered with the comfort of knowing there is also a current output included as well.

Making the output choice at the last moment is of potential use to regular users as stocking and spare part levels can be reduced if there are customers needing the same stroke length but different output types.

An additional feature to note is that whatever the output type (digital or analogue) all Rota transducers are available with exactly the same mounting dimensions, which is a feature that should be highlighted as it allows for example an upgrade in the future from an analogue to a digital transducer without any need for redesign or modification of the cylinder or mounting arrangement.

Based in the UK, Rota are a design and manufacturing company and offer custom solutions for many other linear position feedback applications.

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