Linear Position Sensors Bask In Radiation Environments

Linear Position Sensors Bask In Radiation Environments
Macro Sensors

For use under radiation conditions and in high temperatures, Macro Sensors offers the HSTAR, HLR, and HSAR Series linear position sensors. These are specifically designed for measurement apps in high temperature and mild radiation environments within nuclear power plants. The HSTAR 750 series high-temperature, hermetically-sealed LVDT sensors withstand 400ºF temperature spikes. Additionally, they can be constructed with materials for exposure to radiation at 100 Mega Rads. HSAR hermetically-sealed sensors are constructed of stainless steel along with coil windings sealed to IEC standard IP-68. The conduit exit also ensures a hermetic seal from the environment. For harsher environments, the HLR 750 sensors meet UL and ATEX requirements for Class I Division 1 & 2, Zones 1 & 2. For more information, visit  

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