Linear Position Sensor Outfits Pneumatic And Hydraulic Cylinders

Linear Position Sensor Outfits Pneumatic And Hydraulic Cylinders

The company’s latest linear position sensor is groomed for use with pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. It is said to be less expensive, more adaptable, and less invasive than anything currently marketed. Additionally, the sensor is reportedly more adaptable because it is not limited by cylinder size and does not eliminate mounting options. It is also less expensive and less invasive because it is outside-mounted and no gun drilling is needed. Specs include:
• Resolution is <0.003” (dependent on both application and conditioning circuitry) Drive signal: standard 3-Volt AC required Operates between: 300 Hz to 10 kHz
• Sensitivity: 1.3 mV/0.003” travel typical
• Repeatability: 0.2%
• Winding impedance: 700 Ω
• Typical frequency response: 0.001 Hz to 1 kHz Sensors come with 36-inch flying leads standard.
• Note: An additional cylinder stroke length between ½” and 2” is recommended for maximum linearization, depending on the diameter of the cylinder.

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