Linear Position Sensor Enables Turbine Valve Control

Linear Position Sensor Enables Turbine Valve Control
Alliance Sensors Group

The PG Series LVDT linear position sensors are tailored for valve position sensing applications for steam turbine control systems in electric power generation plants. Key features of the PG series include cores that cannot break loose from their connecting and operating rod, body clamps, flange mounts, ball joint couplings, and rod eye ends, two double-contact shaft seals, screw clamping terminals that accept No. 24-14 AWG wire, and continuous sensor operation in ambient temperature up to +175ºC. The sensors are available in five full scale ranges from 0 to 3 to 0 to 15 inches (75 mm to 380 mm). Models include the PGHD Heavy Duty series LVDT with a 1-1/16-in. body diameter and the PGSD Super Duty series LVDT with a 1-5/16-in, body diameter. Either series is available certified for operation in mild radiation environments at extra cost. A datasheet is perusable at  

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