Linear Position Sensor Adapts Easily To Hydraulic Cylinder Designs

Alliance Sensors Group enlarges its in-cylinder position sensor product line to include the MHP-7 series linear inductive sensors. Designed to be installed into the rear endcap of hydraulic cylinders, they operate under pressure levels up to 5000 psig. Their 1-inch hex aluminum or stainless steel housings are suitable for mobile hydraulics, factory automation machinery, or oil and gas exploration equipment, and mount to the cylinder with a standard male o-ring port thread.


Other features of the MHP-7 include no magnet necessary, contactless operation with no wear from cycling or dithering, ranges from 25 mm to 600 mm (1 in. to 24 in.), and SenSet software for field scalability of analog output. The MHP-7 series also includes the MR-7 and ME-7 series for larger cylinders and actuators and the SS-7 for subsea applications. For more details, contact Alliance Sensors Group, Moorestown, NJ. 856-727-0250