Linear Focus Actuator Features 20 mm Clear Optical Path

Linear Focus Actuator Features 20 mm Clear Optical Path
Equipment Solutions Inc.

The LFA-2010 linear focus actuator targets optical applications requiring both high precision and high speed positioning over a short to medium stroke. The actuator has a 10-mm range of motion with less than 50-nm positioning repeatability, and a small step response of time of less than 3 ms. It is typically configured with an analog position feedback sensor and can be optionally equipped with a 1-µm resolution digital quadrature feedback element. A unique feature is the component’s tubular architecture that allows the 20-mm clear optical path to go directly through the middle of the motor. The patented dual 'Flexures system' has zero stiction/friction. For mounting optics a standard C-mount is provided, or an optional 12.7mm diameter lens socket. A datasheet is available at

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