Linear Encoder Resides In Tiny SMD Package

Linear Encoder Resides In Tiny SMD Package

Available in a 10-lead, 5 mm x 6 mm SMD package, the ID4501 linear encoder provides incremental A and B pulses in quadrature. The period-length of the scale is 1.2 mm and the interpolation factor can be programmed from x2 to x16’384, leading to a resolution better than 0.1 um. The maximum speed depends on the resolution and can reach a value of 20 m/s. An Evaluation and Programming Tool EPT is available that consists of PC-based software and an interface board that is connected to the encoder via the regular encoder-cable. The EPT allows you to program the resolution, the maximum speed and a 48-bit identification number. For high-accuracy applications, it is possible to linearize the ID4501 against a reference encoder and to program the linearization data in the encoder’s non-volatile memory.

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