Linear Driver Handles Metro & DCI Applications

Integrated Device Technology’s GX76470 64G linear driver in die form is groomed for optical integrated modules deployed in 400G/600G coherent applications. The driver is designed for Optical Interconnect Forum (OIF) defined optical sub-assembly modules such as the High Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulator (HB-CDM) and Integrated Coherent Transmitter-Receiver Optical Sub-Assemblies (IC-TROSA) that enable miniaturization of optical transceiver modules and lowering the component cost for 400G ZR, metro, Data Center Interconnect (DCI) applications.  As such, the optical sub-assemblies are promising to be applicable to all the key small form factors: QSFP-DD, OSFP, CFP4-ACO, and CFP2-DCO.


The GX76470 has an AC-coupled 100W differential input/dc-coupled 55W differential output interface and provides over 40 GHz of bandwidth with a peaking control functionality.  The integration of the transmission register on the driver die ensures best impedance matching with optical modulators.  The driver has tuning capabilities for linearity, output voltage swing, and power consumption through SPI registers. 

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GX76470 offers high linearity, with Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 1.5% up to 2Vpp differential output voltage swing, less than 0.5W per channel power consumption, and coverage of the maximum output voltage swing range of 2.8Vpp differential.  Such characteristics are suitable for driving various types of optical modulators at 64 Gbit/s and for optimizing the E/O frequency response of the optical modules. 


The GX76470 driver also offers the various control functionality such as gain control and output voltage setting, peak detector and gain monitoring through the analog control/monitoring pins and OIF compliant SPI digital interface. For more info, visit Integrated Device Technology, Inc.

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